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Pura Raza Español

In 2019 we are expecting another exciting crop of PRE foals from champion sires such as Impaciente II and Uranio VII. In addition, we will be offering several half Andalusians out of our colored APHA and AQHA mares.

These working bred mares will have foals that are not just beautiful but will make great additions to working ranches or the show ring in dressage, equitation, hunter jumper and cattle disciplines. The half Andalusian makes a versatile partner for all disciplines.
Puro Raza Espanola (PRE) is the culmination of centuries long refinement in breeding for the most noble, athletic horse in the world, the Andalusian. All of our horses are imported from Miguel Bohorquez, one of the most esteemed breeders of the PRE horse in the world. Each horse is hand selected for their athletic ability and centuries old bloodlines shaped for todays modern day breeder. We have brought the finest Spanish bloodlines to American soil and our goal is to further the breed by carefully select breedings with our group of young broodmares and our stallions as well as the finest performance and dressage champions from Spain.

PRE Horses 

​The Pure Spanish Horse, Pura Raza Espanola  or Andalusian was unified as a breed in the sixteenth century by the Spanish King Felipe II. He looked at the basic horse bred in Spain, selected the best of those examples which came closest to the idealized animal he desired, and directed that the idealized horse be produced.