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The PRE Horse

The PRE horse, or Andalusians as they are called in the United States, is what Sheilah's dream is all about.

 Larry and Sheilah have imported these horses directly from Spain to the United States so that they can provide all of us the unique privilege to see and possibly own one someday.

Sleeping Willow Ranch is striving to become the premiere breeding facility in the Northwest offering competition prospects and breeding stock for sale in the near future.

You are welcome to visit us at Sleeping Willow ranch in Montana or at our  breeding farm in Costa Rica, Hipica de Pacuar.

​We hope that our dream becomes yours someday.

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​The Pure Spanish Horse, Pura Raza Espanola  or Andalusian was unified as a breed in the sixteenth century by the Spanish King Felipe II. He looked at the basic horse bred in Spain, selected the best of those examples which came closest to the idealized animal he desired, and directed that the idealized horse be produced.

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888 S. Burnt Fork Rd
​Stevensville MT 59870 USA

Welcome to Sleeping Willow


Larry and Sheilah Melsness
​with Carlos Orlich Castelan

Larry and Sheilah started in the horse business because of their love of the PRE Horse.  After establishing Hipica de Pacuar, their PRE Andalusian breeding ranch in Costa Rica, they purchased Sleeping Willow Ranch in Stevensville, MT to provide a world class breeding and training facility for the Spanish horse. Sleeping Willow Ranch imports their stock from some of the most renowned breeders in Spain. 

Located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana, our facility is dedicated to breeding, raising and training the Pura Raza Española (PRE) horse from Spain.

Each horse is hand selected for pedigree, trainability and conformation before being imported to us. 

Our sister ranch, Hipica de Pacuar in Costa Rica currently stands two Andalusian stallions and offers foals for sale.

Telephone:  +1.406.552.2212