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PRE Mares

2013 PRE Mare

Voletera MIBXIII

​Sire: Leviton XII
​Dam: Redonda X by Perdigon XVIII

2007 PRE Mare

Senorita  XCIII

Sire: Perdigon XVIII
​Dam: Viajera III by Deco

2013 PRE Mare

Cartujana MIBXIII

Sire: ​Leviton XII

​Dam: Algabena XXIV by Perdigon XVIII

2012 PRE Mare

Levitona MIBXII

​Sire: Manzanillo de Millan 

​​Dam: Jaranera LVII by Trianero XXIV

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APHA Paint and  QH Mares

We are excited about crossing our Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) stallions with these outstanding Paint and Quarter Horse mares to produce the ultimate cross, the AZTECA. Our mares are used to work cattle on the ranch. They were selected  for their athletic ability and conformational attributes that are best suited for producing the desired qualities of the Azteca breed. 

Pura Raza Española (PRE) is the culmination of centuries long refinement in breeding for the most noble, athletic horse in the world, the Andalusian. All of our horses are imported from Miguel Bohorquez, one of the most esteemed breeders of the PRE horse in the world. Each horse is hand selected for their athletic ability and centuries old bloodlines shaped for todays modern day breeder. Each of our mares are imported directly from Spain.

2013 PRE Mare


Sire: Enamorado XXXII
​Dam: Zurita XV by Lebrijano III

2013 PRE Mare

Utrerana MIBXIII

Sire: Leviton XII
​Dam: Rondena LXXXVII by Perdigon XVIII

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​Stevensville MT 59870 USA