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2013 PRE Gelding imported from Spain

Sire: Leviton XII
​Dam: Dorada LXXV by Banquero XVII

Reference SIRE

Honroso MIBXIV

2014 Black PRE Stallion

imported from Spain

Sire: Seni Kripton IV
​Dam: Honrosa XVIII by Querol

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​Stevensville MT 59870 USA

SLeeping Willow PRE Stallions

SW Futuro

Our future stallion

2017 PRE Colt 

Sire: Fragoso MIBXIII

Dam: Señorita XCXIII

What is a “Qualified” or “Calificado” Horse?

In simple terms, it is a PRE horse that has been first inscribed, then revised and finally presented at a “Tribunal” in front of a panel of Spanish Judges to become “elite” breeding stock.

​​Horses presented for Tribunal are first measured (height and body measurements), if they meet the requirements, they are then presented in hand to evaluate conformation and movement. If all goes well, they then move on to a ridden test. This test is mandatory for stallions, but optional for mares. The ridden test requires that horses perform all three gaits and is a “freestyle”. The judges can and will ask you for specific movements to be performed during this test, usually lengthening of the gaits is asked for and a free walk on a loose rein. The test will be a maximum of four minutes.

After these tests have been performed and the horse has been approved, X – Rays are then taken. These X – Rays are sent to Spain and you are notified after they have been read as to whether your horse was approved or not.

It is recommended that before you go to the time and expense of presenting your horse for Tribunal, you have a semen evaluation done (on stallions) and a basic reproductive exam (for mares). Some owners also obtain X –rays in advance for their horses to ensure there are no surprises at Tribunal. The main purpose for the X – rays is to ensure your horse does not have OCD.


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Puro Raza Española (PRE) is the culmination of centuries long refinement in breeding for the most noble, athletic horse in the world, also known as the Andalusian. All of our horses are imported from Miguel Bohorquez, one of the most esteemed breeders of the PRE horse in the world. Each horse is hand selected for their athletic ability and centuries old bloodlines shaped for today's modern day breeder.

We are pleased with our first PRE foals from our two junior stallions, Dorado MIBXIII and Honroso MIBXIV.